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too_trendy's Journal

Buy Sell Trade. Whore stuffs, auctions, yourself.
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Too Trendy

This is a community for people who would like to exchange, buy or sell their old clothes (or other miscellaneous items). DIY IS HOT. The community is open to anyone and everyone who is interested in joining and there is no limit as to what you can post, as long as it is relevant to the topic and/or listed interests (okay so yeah, the community is really about clothes, accessories, bargains, etc etc). It is only asked that you follow the rules for the safety and respect of yourself and fellow members. If you are going to post large pictures, please make an LJ cut for everyone's convenience. Enjoy the community! And post at your own risk O.O Thank you :D

*** If you whore your community in my community, I will whore my community back in your community. Why do people want you to join and promote their community but you can't even promote yourself? HOWEVER, BY ALL MEANS, PLEASE WHORE YOUR SELLING JOURNALS, AUCTIONS, STORES AND WEBSITES! ***

**Any complaints, problems, or conflicts should be brought to the attention of the community moderator by using this contact.

**Suggestions may be posted in the community or emailed to pinkpixels@gmail.com.

NO BUNK WEBSITES OR OFFERS!!!!!!!!!!! You'll be banned immediately. (i.e. free iPods, free Mini Macs, sign up for this and refer 3459879 friends and get this, etc). Legit or not, this is not the place for it and IT IS SPAM.

DEADBEATS = BANNED. This WILL NOT be tolerated and THIS IS YOUR WARNING. If you are not serious and/or responsible, you will be removed from the community (we have no time for flake offs).

LEAVE COMMENTS ENABLED! Anyone who doesn't will just be banned for being a pain in everyone's ASS.

NO SPAMMING. If you are going to post the exact same message twice, please do it over a period of a few days or make sure it's off the main page before posting again.

Please do not post very large pictures or numerous pictures without using the lj-cut. If you disregard this rule, your post will be deleted without warning!

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